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Guru Rent-To-Own is an unique housing program, that allows you to move into a permanent home of your choice today for a set rental price, while having an option to purchase it in the future at a guaranteed predetermined sale price at a set date.  Our team of professionals will develop a customized plan to help you budget finances, build down-payment, establish or improve credit score and practice home-ownership before committing to home purchase.

You have found a dream home or are looking for one, but cannot qualify for a mortgage due to:

  • Being self-employed
  • Being new to the country
  • Being a new graduate
  • Having bruised credit history
  • Having not enough savings for down payment

“Rent-To-Own” program might be the solution for you. It will allow you to work with professionals,  to budget finances, to build or improve credit score, and to practice home-ownership before committing to home purchase. Our experienced team will develop a personalized plan and will guide you every step of the way to a successful home-ownership.


  • Being home-owner “in training”
  • Very little risk and no obligation to buy
  • Immediate control and possession of the property
  • Future purchase price is definite and tenant benefits from additional appreciation
  • The financial leverage is increased while the risk is reduced
  • Option consideration is small compared to the property’s value
  • Rent payment are fixed for the duration of contract
  • Sufficient time to accumulate the balance of the down payment
  • Gaining professional assistance with credit advice
  • Pride in Home-ownership


  • We help you move into a home of your choice in 2-3 months once accepted into the program
  • Required is an initial deposit towards your new home to get started
  • We develop a plan that best suits your financial and personal needs
  • We work with you to build your final deposit with flexible “deposit saving” options to ensure home ownership at the end
  • Your monthly payments include: strata and rent payments, building insurance, property taxes, lease option credits
  • Your responsibilities include: making monthly payments on time, obtaining content insurance, pay the utility bills, keeping up the maintenance of your new home, Enjoying your new home!


  • Learn more about Rent-to-Own program: FAQ
  • Complete Online Questionnaire, click here 
  • We’ll have a Phone Consultation to answer all your questions
  • Meet with our lending team to discuss purchase strategies

If this sounds interesting to you, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss this exciting opportunity! We look forward to hearing from you.



rent to own vancouver

rent to own vancouver