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GURU Investments provides people wishing to achieve strong returns in real estate with opportunities to become Joint Venture Investment Partners. Whether you want to be an actively involved JV partner or a hands off investor – we will develop a strategy to achieve your desired financial return, choosing from a variety of profit split structures depending on each individual case.

You have money sitting in your RRSP’s and you are not happy with the interest rate you are getting from your investment? Did you know that RRSP funds can be invested in real estate with above average returns, while securing your money by the actual piece of land i.e your name goes on title? There are plenty of opportunities how your profits can be maximized compared to the returns you are getting right now at traditional financial institutions through RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, LIRA, RRIF.
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You have little or no mortgage on your property – this means you have equity – which is YOUR money that can and should work for you for a change! Why have it just sitting idle without earning you interest? 

Let’s say you own a $500,000 house/condo and you have a mortgage of $150,000 on this property. Thus, your equity is $350,000, portion of which is available for you to invest and earn additional income. We utilize a number of unique strategies tailored to your individual goals and risk tolerance, to improve your financial situation/stability.
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You have money sitting idle in a savings account or maybe you have cash under your bed? Not only it doesn’t earn you any interest, it loses value over time due to inflation and interest rates volatility. However, you can make that money work for you instead for a change by investing with us in real estate. Our effective and proven system with low risk and strong returns, provides vast opportunities for any level of investor to put their hard-earned money to work.
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If this sounds interesting to you, please do not hesitate to call  us to discuss these great opportunities! We look forward to hearing from you.

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