About Us

real estate investmentsWe are a family-owned real estate investments company that is committed to providing high-moral housing solutions to people from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for ways to become a home-owner, improve your financial future and tap into the abundant real estate market, or are a seasoned real estate investor looking to maximize your returns – we are here for you – to work together and create win-win real estate solutions.

We have chosen to master our financial education in the field of Real Estate Investments; and now armed with extensive knowledge, professional skills and support from our experienced power team members, we are committed to deliver premium results. We are here to help you  become a homeowner, and/or achieve strong financial returns. 

While we are located on a beautiful West Coast, we provide our services all across Canada.


GURU is committed to providing ethical and quality real estate solutions to help Canadians achieve the dream of home-ownership; as well as investment opportunities and professional guidance to utilize their financial potential to the fullest.


We believe that the goal of financial betterment starts with a VISION, and is achieved by applying financial education and expert KNOWLEDGE, but only if you take persistent ACTION, it will yield the desired RESULT. We are committed to providing support in all 4 elements of the GURU formula of success “Vision. Knowledge. Action. Result.”


real estate power team

real estate power team